The Nazis Are Back and Donald Trump is Their Mainstreamer-in-Chief

Last updated on July 17th, 2023 at 09:32 pm

The Nazis are back with a vengeance, with anti-Semitic and hate incidents on the rise.

Jonathan Greenblatt, CEO of the ADL tweeted that, “We at @ADL_National oppose the appt of Steve Bannon to sr role at @WhiteHouse bc he & his alt-right are so hostile to core American values.” And yeah, Nazis are kinda hostile to core American values.

And nobody should be surprised by Bannon’s appointment. Historian Ruth Ben-Ghiat writes in an op-ed at CNN that,

“Anyone who is surprised at the appointment of right-wing guru Steve Bannon as the Donald Trump administration’s chief strategist and counselor has been living in an alternate universe, the universe in which President-elect Trump would ‘pivot’ into something resembling a mainline GOP conservative.”

White supremacists are overjoyed at the appointment of Bannon, and that should be reason enough for everybody else to worry, but there is more if you need it.

SPLC cites Stormfront user Phoenix1933, who wrote:

“Stephen Bannon: racist, anti-homo, anti-immigrant, anti-jewish, anti-establishment. Declared war on (((Paul Ryan))) Sounds perfect. Muhahahaha. The man who will have Trump’s ear more than anyone else. Being anti-jewish is not illegal. Nothing you dirty stinking jews can do to keep him out.”

Actress Emmy Rossum has been subject to horrifying anti-Semitic tweets:

And she presents this one to us as an example:

Many Trump supporters have found a kindred mindset in the mainstream media, which, having thrown its support behind Trump, now seems eager now to normalize the Nazi-infused GOP. But as Ben-Ghiat writes,

Some point out that Trump voters are not racists, but merely men and women who feel forgotten and marginalized, both socially and economically. This may be true for some, but given the prominence of racism in Trump’s campaign platform, these much-vaunted “other” reasons are but threads in a tight veil of illusion Trump voters have woven for themselves. It’s sad to have to remind people that Trump could have appealed to the downtrodden without inciting violence against people of different origins, appearances and faiths.

To which they will respond that it is not racism if it’s true. Even though it’s only true in their own minds and not in the world of facts. That’s another problem altogether, as they have already convinced themselves Trump has a mandate despite losing the popular vote. If his “mandate” exists it is only among members of the electoral college and not the American people.

Jewish groups are naturally – and with good reason – worried about the appointment of anti-Semite Steve Bannon to a White House post. And Trump’s victory has worldwide implications. As the Jerusalem Post observes,

His victory has been celebrated by European far-right groups, including Marine Le Pen of France’s National Front party, who wrote that Trump’s election set the American people “free.” Geert Wilders, a Dutch anti-Islam campaigner, called the Trump victory a “revolution” to be repeated in his own homeland.

Just as Adolf Hitler was inspired by Mussolini’s march on Rome.

One begins to experience some of what liberals and progressives experienced in Weimar Germany as Hitler’s party grew in prominence and power. We all seem guilty by association, at least in the world’s eyes.

The Jerusalem Post cites “Aryeh Neier, an American Jew who was born in Nazi Germany” who states that “the victory will “provide very specific encouragement to those who want to demonstrate xenophobia” because “the United States, which has portrayed itself as a leader in efforts to protect human rights, has elected somebody like Trump.”

Never mind that we did not elect Trump, that America’s Fuhrer lost the popular vote. We did not elect Trump. He was presented to us as an early Christmas present by the increasingly fascist-minded Republican Party after years of voter suppression and intimidation and gerrymandering.

The fact remains the Nazis are here and now they have power and influence at the very highest levels of government. There is no disguising it and no denying it.

Donald Trump has not only ensured the Russians won the Cold War after all; he is working toward an after-the-fact victory for the Nazis as well.

Photo: SPLC

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