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Trump Has A Saturday Meltdown And Claims Every Prosecutor Prosecuting Him Hates America

As Biden responds to the deaths of U.S. service members in the Middle East, Trump is melting down and attacking all of the prosecutors who are prosecuting him.

Trump posted on Truth Social:

Deranged Jack Smith, Leticia “Peekaboo” James, Alvin Bragg, the J6 Committee of Political Thugs (who have deleted and destroyed all evidence and findings), and all of the rest of the Biden prosecutors and “bad people who hate our Country,” are just as guilty as Fani Willes. It’s Biden Investigations for purposes of ELECTION INTERFERENCE. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

Trump has once again confused America with Donald Trump. The former president is not America. Presidents aren’t kings. The country is different from the person who used to be in the Oval Office. The White House is not a subsidiary of the Trump Organization.

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No matter what other issues are going on in the nation that Trump is running to once again lead, the failed former president can only think about himself.

Trump is relentlessly attempting to spin the prosecutions in multiple jurisdictions as some vast Biden-run conspiracy against him. These statements are a slight variation on Trump’s claim that Obama spied on his campaign in 2016.

Donald Trump is trying to discredit all of the prosecutors as a way of delegitimizing the evidence against him.

Trump fears being convicted, but he also fears the American people believing the evidence because doing so would end his quest to return to the White House.

The former president is melting down and obsessing over his legal issues, which isn’t a winning formula for the Republican Party in November.

As the cases move forward, the self-centered outbursts will escalate and bury the party that Trump has already financially drained.

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'Trump Has A Saturday Meltdown And Claims Every Prosecutor Prosecuting Him Hates America' has 1 comment

  1. Sat, Feb 3rd, 2024 @ 6:18 pm Frank Adams

    Trump is a loser! He’s filed for bankruptcy several times! He inherited all that money from his dad and yet he still isn’t satisfied! He just doesn’t know how to hold onto anything! Not a good choice for running our country! Narcissists are not a good choice to be head of anything!

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