Now That GOP Failed to Cut Taxes for Rich, They’re Going to Cut Taxes for Rich

"Republicans set to pivot from cutting taxes for the rich (AHCA) to cutting taxes for the rich (tax reform)." and tax cuts is like handing out candy

Megyn Kelly Drops A Bomb And Confirms That The Media Was Secretly In The Bag For Trump

During an interview on Fox News's Media Buzz program, Megyn Kelly accused several members of the media of coordinating "hits" on Trump with his campaign, while secretly being in the bag for the Republican nominee.

Fox News Is Throwing A Tantrum As The Media Begins To Tell The Truth About Trump

Fox News is nearing full tantrum mode as the media is starting to tell the truth about Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Fox News’ Howard Kurtz Nails it by Calling CNN’s Lewandowski Hiring ‘Sad’

"For CNN to hire him 12 minutes after he was fired is to use, one of Trump's famous words, sad."

Hypocrite Fox News Accuses Rachel Maddow Of Bias After Democratic Debate

In the ultimate example of the pot calling the kettle black, Howard Kurtz of Fox News is criticizing MSNBC for having Rachel Maddow co-moderate the most recent Democratic presidential debate.

Conservative Pundits Lecture President Obama On YouTube Interviews And Lack Of “Dignity”

On Thursday afternoon, President Obama sat down for live interviews with three well-known YouTube personalities. As is the case with anything this president does these days, there was immediate criticism from the right.

Fox News’ Lauren Ashburn Says It’s Not Fair to Blame Fox News for Misinformation

Lauren Ashburn says it's not Fox News that spread misinformation but paid contributors and that Fox News is therefore free of blame

Factually Challenged Howard Kurtz Finds A Perfect New Home At Fact Less Fox News

Howard Kurtz has jumped to Fox News before he could be pushed out of CNN. The marriage between the nation's fact challenged media reporter with it's facts optional cable news network was destiny.

The Mainstream Media Suffers from Conservative-Induced Stockholm Syndrome

I wonder if, due to dangerously high levels of delusion, it is time to put the MSM, if not the Fourth Estate as a whole away as a threat to society.

Cowardly Karl: ABC Let’s Their Chief White House Correspondent Issue Non-Apology

Howard Kurtz read a statement this Sunday from Jonathan Karl, chief White House Correspondent for ABC News, that didn't make Karl look any better, but in fact only raised more questions.