Fox Host Kurtz Slams Geraldo, Others for Shaming People Who Refuse to Get Vaccinated

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An awful lot of Americans have refused to get vaccinated so far. As a result, the pandemic is continuing to grow, especially in areas with large pockets of Republicans.

Fox News, of course, doesn’t want to blame their viewers for their failure to get shots. So instead the network has continued to push hesitancy towards the vaccinated. And plenty of attempts have been made to blame Blacks and Hispanics for the surging caseload. read more

WATCH: Fox’s Kurtz Blasts Critics Blaming His Network for Anti-Vax Stance, Says Low Vaccination Rate is Actually Biden’s Fault

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After months of Donald Trump supporters refusing to get vaccinated, Fox News finally started to push their viewers to get their shots. It was kind of a half-hearted effort though.

After Fox & Friends Steve Doocy made an impassioned plea for viewers to get inoculated, co-host Brian Kilmeade was sure to note that they weren’t doctors. read more

Corey Lewandowski: Trump Doesn’t Need to Encourage Supporters to Get Vaccine Because He “Leads by Example”

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There are a number of reasons why the Republican response to COVID vaccines have been odd. But nothing has been stranger than Donald Trump‘s reaction. On one hand, the former president wants complete credit for the inoculations development. On the other, he has refused to actively encourage those who follow him to get the shot. read more

They Don’t Get to Define Patriotism: Watch Fox News Contributor Rip Trump Supporters Over Flags


Over the last number of years, Conservatives have acted like they are the true patriots in the county. They often claim that they care more about things like the military and the police.

And one thing that is especially important to right-wingers is the American flag. MSNBC pundit Mara Gay recently discussed the way Trump supporters display the flag. She said of a recent incident where she saw dozens of trucks with both Trump flags and American flags, “Essentially, the message was clear … ‘This is my country. This is not your country. I own this.'” read more