Putin Mouthpiece Sen. Ron Johnson Totally Changes His Story On Hunter Biden

The fake Russian emails didn’t gain any traction in the media, so Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) is now falsely accusing Hunter Biden of criminal activity.


Johnson and Fox News accused Hunter Biden, with zero evidence, of having child pornography on his computer.

The misinformation that Sen. Johnson is pushing is part of a Russian operation that has been in motion since 2019 to spread fake Hunter Biden emails to Rudy Giuliani in the weeks before the 2020 election.

Johnson mouthed Russian disinformation on Fox News’s Sunday Morning Futures:

I think you just made the connection. Again, I think this is what the FBI has to come clean about. This isn’t a standard investigation, where the FBI doesn’t indict somebody everything remains confidential. This is something as we were talking about relates to national security, and if there’s criminal activity involved to be tied back to Hunter Biden, his business associates, or even possibly tied back to other members of the Biden family….this needs to be known before Americans go to the polls.

Sen. Johnson, Trump, and Putin as using the same playbook as in 2016. First, they tried to leak emails that evidence suggests the Russians faked, and when that didn’t work, they moved on to phase two which is trying to legitimize the allegations by getting the FBI to open an investigation into Joe Biden and his family in the days before the election.

They are replaying the same disinformation campaign in 2020. The difference is that this time, the media outside of the right-wing bubble has for the most part not taken the bait.

Ron Johnson is Putin’s Senate mouthpiece and his misusing his office to spread Russian disinformation in a bid to get Trump reelected.