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Trump’s trade war splits a Missouri county into winners and losers

People don’t talk about trade tariffs in this stretch of the Mississippi River basin, where grains and metals have paid the bills for generations.

They skirt the subject at church fundraisers and sidestep it at Jerry’s Café and Quick Stop, where farmers and aluminum workers gossip about everything else.

Here, the winners and losers in U.S. President Donald Trump’s trade war live side-by-side.


‘Morning Joe’ Hits Back at Giuliani With Long List of Trump Scandals

On MSNBCs Morning Joe on Monday, Joe Scarborough called out Rudy Giuliani for accusing special counsel Robert Mueller of running a “tainted” investigation of President Donald Trump and his campaign. Scarborough responded directly to Giuliani after he made comments on several Sunday talk shows disparaging Robert Mueller’s investigation of the Trump campaign. Giuliani said the former…

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