Attacking Obama As The Food Stamp President Could Backfire On The GOP

I’m guessing there are far more people on food stamps, and at risk of going on food stamps, than there are rich Republicans. There are almost certainly more unemployed folks than there are wealthy Republicans, and there are more unemployed folks collecting unemployment than there are wealthy Republicans. Matter of fact, I suspect there are considerably more broke and unemployed Republicans than there are wealthy Republicans. All of which begs the question; why would the Republicans buy into a campaign strategy guaranteed to distance themselves even from a sizable number of their own party? And why would those less fortunate members of the Republican Party stand idly by as they repeatedly hear themselves demonized by the candidates who are supposed to have their best interests at heart? I know some Republicans who fall into that camp, and I have never been able to figure that out. I mean, if these guys are your friends, who the hell are your enemies? read more

The significance of peaceful civil disobedience

Please keep this in mind as you read through my article. A window company in Chicago decided to lay off its entire workforce due to financial issues. The large group of former employees decided to storm the business and are now refusing to leave until their demands are met. When this news first broke the first thing that came to many, as observed through my diligent evesdropping, was how the building must be in shambles now, and completely trashed. This tidbit of info may not make sense now, but just wait, it will come together. Now onto the rest of my op-ed.