Republicans Refuse To Agree Not To Use Info From Russian Attack In 2018 election

Rep. Adam Schiff said that Republicans have refused to agree with Democrats not to use any information that they may gain from Russian attacks in the 2018 election.

Adam Schiff Blows The Lid Off Of The GOP Ploy To Discredit Russia Investigation To Save Trump

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) exposed how Republicans are meddling in the Russia investigation while recused to discredit attempts to get to the facts while trying to save Donald Trump.

Lindsey Graham Warns That Trump May Go Down Because He Won’t Shut Up

During an interview on Face The Nation, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) warned Trump that he might be the first president in history to go down because he won't stop talking about the investigation.

Adam Schiff Terrifies Trump By Arguing That Tapes Are Best Evidence Of Obstruction Of Justice

House Intel Committee ranking member Rep. Adam Schiff said that if Trump has been taping in the White House, those tapes would be the best proof of obstruction of justice.

Paul Ryan Gave The Dumbest Answer Ever When Asked If Trump Should Be Held To The Facts

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan gave an answer that was so stupid on CBS's Face The Nation that it perfectly summed up how the Republican Party created Donald Trump.

Trump Bombs On CNN And CBS After Networks Use Interviews To Call Out His Lies

Trump bombs Sunday show interviews

Donald Trump's appearances on CNN's State Of The Union and CBS's Face The Nation were total disasters for the presumptive Republican nominee after both networks used the interviews to call out his lies.

Trump Threatens To Throw Hillary Clinton In Prison If He Wins The White House

Donald Trump is suggesting that if he wins the presidential election, he is going to imprison Hillary Clinton, because, "everyone knows she's guilty."

Bernie Sanders Turns Debate Stunt Into Perfect Argument For Why Trump Shouldn’t Be President

Bernie Sanders took Donald Trump's flip-flop on debate him and turned into the perfect argument for why Trump is unfit to be president.

Hillary Clinton Devastates Trump’s White House Dreams With 3 Easy Questions

Hillary Clinton wipes out Trump on Face The Nation

Hillary Clinton cleaned Donald Trump's clock and it took to get the job done was three easy questions. [p

Bernie Sanders Rips The Mask Off Of Trump To Reveal A Fraud Who Hates Working People

Bernie Sanders Talks Trump On Face The Nation

During an interview on CBS' Face The Nation, Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders unmasked Trump and revealed a billionaire candidate who is out to cut taxes for the rich while screwing over working class Americans.

Witnesses Disprove Benghazi Allegations Against Clinton As Republican Conspiracy Collapses

Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD) said that Democrats will be releasing a report that contains witness testimony that disproves the Republican Benghazi allegations against Hillary Clinton.

Donald Trump Is Pushing An Obama Lie That Will Destroy The Republican Party

donald trump face the nation

Donald Trump told an Obama lie on CBS's Face The Nation that will lead to the destruction of the Republican Party if members of Congress follow his advice.

Paul Ryan Trashes His Own Budget by Admitting That There is No Debt Crisis

On Face The Nation today, Rep. Paul Ryan reversed years of budgets and claims that the country faces an immediate debt crisis by admitting that there is no debt crisis.

Shades of Sarah Palin as Mitt Romney Bombs On Face The Nation

Bob Schieffer was as gentle as the corporate media can be, but Mitt Romney pulled a Palin, and bombed his first non-Fox Sunday morning interview.

Scott Brown: Obama is a Good Man and Not a Socialist

Sen. Scott Brown (R-MA) continued to distance himself from the members of the fringe right by refusing to call President Barack Obama a Socialist today on CBS' Face The Nation. When asked the Socialism question, Brown said, "I think the President is a good man... I know he cares deeply about our country. But it-- it's just different priorities." Brown also took a swipe at the birthers by saying that he knows that Obama is an American.