Trump’s Economic and Environmental Policy: In the short term, we’re all dead

British economist John Maynard Keynes famously wrote in 1923, in a tract on monetary policy, “In the long run, we’re all dead.”

Economists have debated the significance of this wry theoretical phrase. Some have critiqued him, along with other economists who sought to moderate the austerity policies of governments during times of intense economic retraction, as not caring about the future or future generations. They accuse Keynes of being willing for short term benefit to enact policies that would damage the economy in the longer term, leaving ruinously burdensome debt, for example, that would debilitate the future economy for following generations. One critic even went so far as to suggest that because Keynes was gay and didn’t have children, he simply didn’t care about the future and could afford to adopt a recklessly short-termist approach to the economy. read more

Arne Duncan, Secretary of Misinformation and Miseducation

Who should we see sitting next to Secretary Duncan, joyfully reading stories to suitably enraptured Detroit school children but Gov. Rick Snyder.

If this is war in Michigan, then we had better win

Republicans are using Michigan as a grand experiment to see if they can get away with setting fire to democracy in plain sight. They want to see if revenge bears fruit in winter.