NC Republican Senate Candidate Is Getting Hammered Over Obamacare Stance

In North Carolina, where Democrat Kay Hagan has taken a huge beating over Obamacare, the leading Republican opponent is now getting hammered for his stance on healthcare.

True Believers Continue Their Fight To Make America a ‘Christian Nation’

Many Americans fail to realize that true believers, particularly religious true believers, are convinced it is their mandate from god to transform America into a religious state.

So-Called Religious Liberty Bills Pervert our First Amendment

It is difficult to see how passing laws that force everybody to obey Christian rules and suffer punishment if they do not, protects religious freedom.

Was Losing Super Bowl XLIX The True Motive Behind Jan Brewer’s Veto Of SB 1062?

It seems that the NFL was strongly hinting that they would move the inconsequential Pro Bowl to Arizona and then move Super Bowl XLIX to another city if SB 1062 was signed into law.

Bernie Sanders Blasts Republicans For Trying to Torpedo Veterans Bill With Iran Sanctions

Sen. Bernie Sanders blasted Senate Republicans today for trying to betray the nation's veterans by attempting to kill the veterans bill with a demand for sanctions against Iran.

Republicans Busted for Trying to Use Fake IRS Scandal To Protect the Koch Brothers

Rep. Sander Levin (D-MI) busted Republicans on Tuesday for trying to protect the secrecy of the Koch Brothers and Karl Rove.

Texas Is Latest Red State To See Same-Sex Marriage Ban Ruled Unconstitutional

On Wednesday, a federal judge ruled that Texas' amendment banning same-sex marriage is unconstitutional.

Republicans’ Worst Nightmare Comes True: Support For Repealing Obamacare Hits All Time Low

A new Kaiser Family Foundation health tracking poll dealt a blow to Republicans by finding that support for repealing the ACA has hit an all time of low of 31%.

With Christie On The Outs, Joe Scarborough Finds a New Man-Crush in Bobby Jindal

On Wednesday's Morning Joe, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal was on for a 15-minute interview. Joe Scarborough found himself a new best friend.

Pennsylvania’s GOP Governor Tom Corbett On His Way Out As He Trails By 19 Points

Quinnipiac University released a poll on Wednesday that shows nothing but terrible news for Tom Corbett, Pennsylvania's incumbent Republican Governor.

The Republican IRS Witch Hunt Cost Taxpayers $14 Million and Counting

According to an IRS letter just released, Darrell Issa and the Republicans' manufactured IRS investigation/campaign ad has cost the taxpayers $14 million dollars and counting.

Mitch McConnell Plans a Big Tax Cut for the Rich if Republicans Win The Senate

McConnell said he did not see a path forward for tax reform this year, and it is likely because in Republican parlance "tax reform” entails giving major tax cuts to the richest 2%.

82% of Democrats Want Hillary Clinton to Run for President in 2016

Hillary Clinton is a wide favorite among Democrats. According to the latest New York Times/CBS News poll, 82% of Democrats want Clinton to run.

Mitt Romney Joins a Growing List of Republicans Who Oppose Arizona’s Anti-Gay Bill

The pressure for Jan Brewer to veto Arizona's SB 1062, just intensified as even Mitt Romney is calling for her to veto the bill.

The GOP Can’t Decide if the Majority Matters

The Religious Right wants to harness the tyranny of the majority if they can get it, and ignore the majority if they can't

President Obama Rips Fox News Misleading People About Obamacare

President Obama got in a strong jab at Fox News tonight for their constant misleading of people about the ACA.

Congress, Large Corporations and the Postal Service Itself are Conspiring to Kill USPS

In part two of a two-part series on attempts to dismantle the Postal Service, I’m here to present some other distasteful facts as they directly relate to USPS.

Republicans Proven Wrong as Obamacare Enrollment Surges Past 4 Million

As Republicans continue to sputter and fight among themselves, the ACA continues to surge ahead as Obamacare enrollment has passed 4 million.

The Republican Idiocy Behind Laws Banning LGBTQs Will Inevitably Backfire

Republicans pushing for discriminatory laws based around 'religious freedom' will eventually see those same laws blow up in their faces.