Portland, Oregon To Vote on Emergency Resolution Banning Trade with Texas in Response to Abortion Law

The city of Portland, Oregon will vote on an emergency resolution banning trade with the state of Texas in response to the state’s abortion law.

The law prohibits virtually all abortions after a heartbeat is detected, which is typically after six weeks of pregnancy. It also essentially deputizes citizens by empowering them to file lawsuits against abortion providers suspected of violating the new policy. read more

Oregon Judge Issues Temporary Restraining Order Against Federal Agents in Portland

Portland Protesters were abducted off the streets

A judge in Oregon has issued a temporary restraining order against federal agents in Portland. The move comes amid growing criticism of federal law enforcement in the city.

District Judge Michael H. Simon issued a 14-day order to stop federal agents “arresting, threatening to arrest, or using physical force” journalists and legal observers. The order does not apply to protesters.

Now: Oregon judge issues TRO against federal agents on the ground in Portland /// 14-day order restricts 'arresting, threatening to arrest, or using physical force' against journalists and legal observers https://t.co/ojv83d44iu pic.twitter.com/dna9osMOZW read more

Trump: I “Love Watching Pathetic Never Trumpers Squirm!”

Trump proclaims himself the best president for black Americans since Lincoln

President Donald Trump attacked Tom Ridge, the former Secretary of Homeland Security, after Ridge criticized the deployment of federal agents in Portland, Oregon.

“Recently watched failed RINO Tom Ridge, former head of Homeland Security, trying to justify his sudden love of the Radical Left Mayor of Portland, who last night was booed & shouted out of existence by the agitators & anarchists,” the president wrote in a tweet. “Love watching pathetic Never Trumpers squirm!”

Recently watched failed RINO Tom Ridge, former head of Homeland Security, trying to justify his sudden love of the Radical Left Mayor of Portland, who last night was booed & shouted out of existence by the agitators & anarchists. Love watching pathetic Never Trumpers squirm! read more

Former McCain Adviser Compares Acting Homeland Security Secretary to Infamous Nazi And Warns of Potential Coup

Steve Schmidt has called for an urgent investigation of federal agents in cities like Portland and suggested some of them may not be law enforcement officers at all.

The former adviser to Republican Senator John McCain’s presidential campaign took to Twitter on Thursday to make an alarming comparison with Nazi Germany.

“There is an urgent necessity for Congress and the media to investigate if there are ANY security contractors deployed alongside Federal ‘Agents’ thugs in any American city. There should be no opaqueness around this operation,” Schmidt wrote.

There is an urgent necessity for Congress and the media to investigate if there are ANY security contractors deployed alongside Federal “Agents” thugs in any American city. There should be no opaqueness around this operation. Who are these men armed with M-4’s equipped with read more

Philadelphia DA Says He’ll Charge Federal Agents Who Break the Law

Philadelphia’s District Attorney has warned that he’ll charge any federal officer sent into the city by the Trump administration if they commit a crime such as kidnapping.

Larry Krasner issued the stark warning as President Donald Trump has threatened to deploy federal law enforcement to various Democratically-controlled cities.

“My dad volunteered and served in World War II to fight fascism, like most of my uncles,” Krasner said in a statement.

“So we would not have an American president brutalizing and kidnapping Americans for exercising their constitutional rights and trying to make America a better place, which is what patriots do.”

“Anyone, including federal law enforcement, who unlawfully assaults and kidnaps people will face criminal charges from my office.”

Krasner’s comments raise the possibility of a clash between federal and local law enforcement officers. This kid of conflict hasn’t been directly addressed either by the Trump administration or local leaders opposed to federal forces.

However, recent events in Portland, Oregon have heightened tensions as federal agents without proper identification carried out arrests and others engaged in what’s been called “occupation”.

“This is flat-out urban warfare. And it’s being wrought on the people of this country by the president of the United States and it’s got to stop,” said Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler.

The issue is likely to escalate as President Donald Trump pursues a “law and order” reelection agenda and protests continue following the death of George Floyd.

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William Barr Criticizes “Extreme Reaction” to George Floyd’s Death

William Barr has branded protests in the wake of George Floyd’s death “extreme” as protests continue throughout the country and federal agents teargas civilians.

The Attorney General won almost instant scorn for his remarks on Thursday, including from one conservative critic opposed to President Donald Trump. He did acknowledge the tragedy of Floyd’s death, however.

“We had that terrible death in Minneapolis,” Barr said

“But then we had this extreme reaction that has demonized police and called for the defunding of police departments.”

You know what’s “extreme”? Begging for your life while a cop murders you by kneeling on your fucking throat for eight minutes.

I’ve got my “Fuck That Guy” for tomorrow’s podcast. https://t.co/ypCFeGI7hc read more

Portland Mayor Accuses Trump Administration of “Urban Warfare” and “Occupation”

The Mayor of Portland has lashed out at the Trump administration after he was teargassed in the city on Wednesday night. He accused the federal government of running an occupation.

Ted Wheeler spoke to protesters in Oregon and was later teargassed along with them by federal agents. He made some remarks to the New York Times which were publicized on Thursday morning.

“I’m not afraid, but I am pissed off,” Wheeler said.

“This is an egregious overreaction on the part of the federal officers.”

Watch the video:

“This is not a de-escalation strategy,” Wheeler said. read more

Acting Homeland Security Secretary: We Will Not Retreat from Portland

Chad Wolf struck a defiant tone following criticism of federal agents in Portland, Oregon. He said his officers would continue to operate in the city amid protests.

The Acting Security of Homeland Security claimed at a press conference on Tuesday that protests in Portland weren’t peaceful. His department has been widely criticized in recent days.

“What is occurring in Portland in the early hours of every morning is not peaceful protesting,” Wolf said.

“We have been forced because of local law enforcement presence to take measures such as arrests to protect our officials.”

His comments come amid condemnation of arrests by officers wearing no apparent identification.

“While I look forward to the day that our officers are redeployed back to their regular day-to-day mission, we will not shrink from our duty because of this violence,” he said.

“If you are a violent rioter looking to inflict damage to federal property or law enforcement officers, you need to find another line of work.”

“We will not retreat. We will continue to protect our facilities and our law enforcement officers,” Wolf said.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi joined the chorus of criticism surrounding events in Portland this week. The California Democrat called federal agents there “storm troopers.”

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Political Analyst John Heilemann: Trump Sending the Feds to Portland Is “Trial Run” for Stealing the Election

John Heilemann issued a stark warning on Tuesday about Donald Trump sending federal agents into Portland. He sees it as the first step in undermining the November election.

The MSNBC political analyst spoke to Morning Joe about his concerns as the President threatens to send federal law enforcement to a slew of Democrat-led cities.

“I don’t want to be overly alarmist about this, but this is the time to be alarmist knowing where Donald Trump stands politically, understanding where we are headed in this election,” Heilemann said.

“I think we are looking at potentially a trial run for … a genuine attempt to, through intimidation, and potentially through force, to try to steal this election.”

“I think we are now at the point where we see the things that the President is doing, we see his intention to not accept an outcome of this election where he loses to Joe Biden,” Heilemann said.

Heilemann’s warning comes as the President said he will consider sending more federal agents to quell what he claims is “chaos” caused by protests across the country.

“This is worse than anything anyone has ever seen,” Trump said on Monday.

“We’re sending law enforcement,” he said. “We can’t let this happen to the cities.”

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