Republicans in Congress Are Now Moving to Limit Trump’s Powers

Members of the Senate GOP caucus are now desperately trying to curb the president’s emergency powers according to a report this morning in The Hill.

The new effort arose after Donald Trump’s veto on Friday of a congressional resolution blocking his declaration of a national emergency on the U.S.-Mexico border wall. read more

Rove Warns GOP: Focusing Solely on Base Will Lead to 2020 Disaster

The politics of Donald Trump’s shutdown are beginning to worry some big-time Republican operatives.

Opinion polls show that while Trump has increased his approval ratings with Republican voters during the shutdown, he has lost significant ground with many important voting groups, such as independents and non-college educated white voters. These are both crucial demographics for a Republican presidential victory in 2020. read more

57 House And Senate And House Republicans Were Asked To Talk About Trump And Race, But Only 3 Agreed

The Washington Post asked 57 Senate and House Republicans for an interview to discuss Trump and race, and only three agreed to speak to them.

Desperate GOP Eyes Last-Ditch Bill That Would Leave 16 Million Uninsured And Spike Premiums 20%

The "skinny" repeal that is gaining steam may have a cute name, but it would cause a humanitarian crisis and leave millions of Americans without the care they need.

John McCain Will Return To Help Pass Trumpcare After Receiving His Own World Class Treatment

Every American wished Sen. McCain well when the sad news of his cancer diagnosis broke last week. When he returns to Washington on Tuesday, he should vote to return the favor.

Republican Senator Mocks Trump And Says He Doesn’t Scare Anyone

Trump is so weak that a Republican Senator bluntly said that Trump doesn't scare anyone, not even Senate pages.

Rachel Maddow Credits Huge Victory On Health Care To Persistent Grassroots Activism


"These protests have been relentless," Maddow said. "They've had a huge victory just tonight."

Get Ready: Senate Republicans Are About To Unveil Another Disastrous Version Of Trumpcare

The fight to stop Republicans from repealing the Affordable Care Act is far from over – and millions of Americans are still at risk of losing insurance and benefits that the current law provides.

Patriotic Millionaire Says Legislators Who Vote For Trumpcare Are Mercenary Murderers

"Gutting coverage, as this bill does, will lead to deaths due to lack of coverage, and the legislators who vote this in are mercenary murderers, contracted and paid for by the insurance companies and ultra rich," said Patriotic Millionaire Blaine Garst.

Chuck Schumer Shames Republican Fake Patriots by Citing the Founding Fathers’ Warning

"The Founding Fathers in their wisdom wrote in the Constitution that we had to worry about foreign interference," Schumer warned on the Senate floor. "It’s happening now in a way that it has never happened before."

Fake Maverick John McCain Gives Ridiculous Excuse for Ruining the Senate To Confirm Gorsuch

Supposed "maverick" John McCain is once again following his party in action, leaving a trail of principled rhetoric followed by now predictable party caves. Republicans claim they must resort to changing the filibuster rules to get Neil Gorsuch confirmed, and for this, they blame Democrats.

Cruel Republicans Vote To Strip Healthcare From 6 Vulnerable Groups

Republicans blocked amendments that would protect the “most popular and effective provisions” of the ACA, including some with no fiscal impact.

GOP Senators Wage War Against Trump’s Plan To Deport Young Undocumented Immigrants

Donald Trump

Some Republicans in Congress are working to prevent Trump from carrying out a top campaign promise.

President Obama Blasts Senate Republicans for Playing ‘Political Football’ with Democracy

More than four months after he nominated Justice Garland, the President wrote an impassioned plea about why we must not let the highest court in the land become "political football" because to do so threatens the process of democracy.

Why It Will Take A Lot More Than A Protest To Stop Gun Violence

If the slaughter of 20 school children didn’t sway Republicans to support sane gun safety laws, why would a protest by House Democrats?

Most Americans, Including SCOTUS, Disagree With Republicans On Gun Safety Regulations

92 percent of Americans support expanded background checks and 85 percent support preventing people on watch lists from buying guns; Republicans disagree.

Republicans Blasted Nationwide For Obstructing Obama And Refusing To Do Their Jobs

Senate Republicans are getting hammered with a mountain of bad press from sea to shining sea for their refusal to even hold hearings for Chief Justice Merrick Garland, President Obama's Supreme Court nominee.

NRA-Republicans Blocked Treaty Banning Arms Sales To Terrorists

One might wonder what kind of malcontent opposes a worldwide treaty that limits the transfer of conventional arms and battlefield components to evil dictators who promote and commit genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes, and attack civilians or civilian buildings such as schools and hospitals. In America, it is Republicans indebted to, and serving, the National Rifle Association.

As the Stock Market Looks for New Highs, Republicans Strangle The Economy

There were two specific announcements on Wednesday that, taken on their own, were just economic news reports, but if a person had kept abreast of Republicans' actions over the past few months, the stories were not "news" at all but the expected culmination of congressional Republicans' economic agenda that reveal precisely why America's economy is struggling.

It Is Absurd To Have Republicans In Congress Who Intend to Do Absolutely Nothing

It is getting absurd to have Republicans serving in Congress when they have no intention of doing the work the people sent them to Washington to do.