Republicans Look To Return to the Dark Ages with Climate Science Investigation

With conservatives controlling the House, they are poised to take their war against science to a new level, and will be able to keep the EPA on the defensive, and in effect, impotent. Their goal is to pander to the oil industry and destroy the EPA along with Obama’s energy policy that does not favor the Koch brothers.

Virginia GOP Politicizes Snow Storm to Argue Against Climate Change

In their quest to politicize everything, the Republican Party sunk to a new low today in the state of Virginia, as they are using the current record snow storm in a new ad that mocks Democrats for supporting climate change legislation. The Republican are ignoring that events like the massive snow event are exactly what scientists are warning of.

A Demented Rush Limbaugh Claims that the 2008 Democratic Primary Was Full of Racism and Bigotry

On his radio show today, Rush Limbaugh managed to revise the history of the 2008 presidential election to claim that the Democratic primary, not the general election, was full of, "racism and bigotry, and debating if Obama was authentic." Limbaugh is obviously confusing the Democratic primary with the general election.

2009: The Year of Right Wing Jihad against President Barack Obama

2009 began with the inauguration of our new and first African American President, Barack Obama, and became the year that GOP and the Extreme Right Wing of the party became energized and very proactive in its goal to be destructive to our new President and his administration and policies by any means necessary.

Rush Limbaugh Calls For Massive Bombing Raids and War with Iran

On his radio show today Rush Limbaugh called for war with Iran, but Rush doesn't want to use ground troops but massive bombing raids. Limbaugh said, "The only way to stop them is to destroy the Iranian regime, the mullahs, and that can only be accomplished through war."

Rush Limbaugh Calls Healthcare Reform Supporters Mentally Disturbed

On his radio show today, Rush Limbaugh called people who support healthcare reform mentally disturbed. Citing a poll, where 51% of people supported government intervention in healthcare, Limbaugh said, "51% of the people in this poll are absolutely mentally disturbed." According to Rush it is crazy to support healthcare reform.

Racist Rush Returns as Limbaugh Mocks Native Americans

During one of his Obama is delusional rants on his radio show today, Rush Limbaugh let his racism slip out again. This time his target was Indians. Limbaugh said, "I don't know if he really believes it, but if he does, we in heap big doo doo, a little Indian lingo there."This comes from the same guy who once said that Indians should stop complaining, because they have casinos.

Rush Limbaugh Uses Tiger Woods to Claim that Only Democrats Visit Prostitutes

On his radio show today Rush Limbaugh claimed that if Tiger Woods visited prostitutes, he fulfilled a Democratic requirement for election to high office. Limbaugh said, "This means that Tiger has now completed a resume requirement for election to high office as a Democrat...clearly this is Clintonesque."

Rush Limbaugh Claims that Tiger Woods is a Victim of Liberal Media Bias

On his radio show today Rush Limbaugh continued to talk about Tiger Woods, only this time he painted Woods as the victim of liberal media bias, "The media is digging deep to find out everything they-- imagine if the media had acted this way with Bill Clinton and John Edwards back in their day."

Rush Limbaugh Uses Tiger Woods to Attack the Black Frame of Mind

On his radio show today Rush Limbaugh was explaining to his listeners how black people have a terrible frame of mind because President Obama has abandoned them when he added, "I'm sure Tiger Woods' choice of females not helping them out with their attitudes either."

Limbaugh Declares MSNBC and the White House the Real Enemy Camp

On his radio show, Rush Limbaugh warped Chris Matthews' statement that Obama went to the enemy camp last night, by proclaiming that West Point is not the enemy camp, but that MSNBC and the White House are the real enemies of America. Apparently, Chris Matthews now speaks for the entire Left.

Donny Deutsch Calls Beck and Limbaugh Circus Acts, and Lou Dobbs a Racist

Donny Deutsch was on MSNBC's Morning Joe this morning, and in response to a new poll that found that Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck are the most influential conservatives in America, he said, "These are all entertainers. They're circus acts." Deutsch was asked about Lou Dobbs, and he said Dobbs is a racist.

Rush Limbaugh Accuses Obama of Hijacking Thanksgiving

On his radio show today Rush Limbaugh accused President Barack Obama of trying to hijack Thanksgiving week by holding a state dinner two days before the holiday. Limbaugh asked, "Has any president ever tried to hijack Thanksgiving week with a state dinner two days before Thanksgiving?"

Beck and Limbaugh Call Sen. Mary Landrieu A Whore Because She Voted for Healthcare

On their respective radio shows today Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh went on the attack against Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-LA) because she voted for advancing the healthcare debate forward in the Senate. Instead of criticizing her position on the bill, both Beck and Limbaugh took the lowest possible road by calling a female US senator a prostitute.

Crackpot Limbaugh Claims the Healthcare Bill Will Send the Obese to Reeducation Camps

On his radio show today Rush Limbaugh tried to rally the obese against healthcare reform by claiming that if the overweight don't lose weight, the bill will send them to reeducation camps. Limbaugh said that the government could, "send you off to some reeducation camp if you don't lose weight."

An Increasingly Unstable Limbaugh Blames Obama for Ft. Hood Shootings

On his radio show today Rush Limbaugh blamed the Ft. Hood shooting where 13 soldiers were killed on President Obama. Limbaugh said, "We could almost say this is Obama's fault, because this guy said that he believed Obama was going to get us out of Iraq and Afghanistan."

Once Again Beck, Limbaugh, and Palin Lead the GOP to Defeat

Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh, and Glenn Beck were the three biggest names who got behind the right wing House candidacy of Doug Hoffman in New York. These three have been the loudest advocates of the GOP's need to move to the right, and although Hoffman might have lost the election, the biggest losers yesterday were Limbaugh, Beck, and Palin.

Right Wingers Get Super Paranoid Ahead of Tuesday’s Elections

Even though it looks like the Republican Party will win at least one and maybe as many as all three major elections tomorrow, this has not stopped the right wing from slipping into full blown paranoid mode. Andrew Breitbart's website claimed that Democrats are rigging the NJ gubernatorial election, while Rush Limbaugh warned about Democratic malfeasance on his radio show.

Limbaugh Predicts that Barack Obama Will Be a One Term President

Rush Limbaugh was the featured guest on Fox News Sunday today, where he ended the interview by making the prediction that there will be a voter revolt against Barack Obama and the Democratic Party, which will make Obama a one term president. However, when asked what Republican will defeat Obama, Limbaugh couldn't name anyone.