CBS News Says New Mueller Indictments Could Be Coming Today

CBS News is reporting this morning that special counsel Robert Mueller is expected to soon issue new indictments in the ongoing probe of the Trump campaign’s ties to Russia. They said that the new indictments may be issued as early as today. read more

Trump Won’t Demand That Putin Hand Over Indicted Russians

Trump said that he might ask Putin to turn over the Russians that Mueller has indicted but that this happened under Obama and it was the DNC's own fault that they got hacked.

Trump Will Have to Look for Another Rich White Guy as Navy Secretary Pick Withdraws

The decision has set twitter a-crowing over Trump's failure and sent him scurrying to find another suitable rich white guy to run the government

Donald Trump Tells 60 Minutes He Will Keep Parts of Obamacare

Trump says he will keep the pre-existing conditions, calling it 'one of the strongest assets,' as well as children living with their parents

Donald Trump Claims Hillary is Copying His ‘Airplane Rallies’ – She’s Not

Trump: "Do people notice Hillary is copying my airplane rallies?" CBS News: "Hillary Clinton has not done an airplane rally."

CBS News Humiliates Itself By Reporting On Trump’s Birtherism And Not Calling It A Lie

CBS News committed an act of journalistic malpractice by reporting on Trump's birtherism without stating that the birther conspiracy is a lie.

Trump Kicks Media Out of Black Church While Surrogate Lashes Out at Media for Leaving

Laura Ingraham complained it was "convenient" that CNN feed dropped during Trump visit to black church. Sopan Deb said, "Totally inaccurate"

Hillary Clinton Leads Donald Trump in Latest New York Times/CBS Poll

Hillary Clinton for president

The former Secretary of State leads the billionaire buffoon by six points, even as she remains in an increasingly heated primary campaign against Bernie Sanders.

ABC, CBS, And NBC News Made An Intentional Decision To Ignore Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders Portland, Maine

An analysis of network television news coverage reveals what supporters of Sen. Bernie Sanders have long suspected, the three broadcast television networks are intentionally ignoring the Sanders campaign.

Peggy Noonan Says Linking Climate Change and Terrorism Makes Bernie Sanders Look “Daffy”

Despite all the evidence he is 100% correct about the connection between climate change and terrorism, Noonan thinks Sanders sounds "daffy"

CBS News Only Mainstream Media Outlet Sunday to Ignore Benghazi Whistleblower Podliska

Everyone ought to be talking about Major Bradley Podliska, and everyone did Sunday, except for CBS News, which preferred Donald Trump lies

Fox & Friends: Priest Says Don’t Trust President Who Doesn’t Fear Eternal Damnation

Father Jonathan Morris took to Fox & Friends to push fear of eternal damnation while ignoring the Constitution's No Religious Test Clause

Trapped Rat Bill O’Reilly Completely Cracks Up As He Threatens New York Times Reporter

In an interview with the New York Times Monday evening, Fox News host Bill O'Reilly personally threatened a reporter over the paper's coverage of the controversy surrounding O'Reilly's claims that he was in a war zone when he covered protests in Buenos Aires in 1982.

Republican Senator John McCain Erupts And Calls Anti-War Protesters “Low-Life Scum”

During a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing Thursday, committee chairman Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) flipped out on anti-war protesters from Code Pink and referred to them as "low-life scum."

Media Matters Names George F. Will Misinformer of the Year

Will's most egregious sin may have been his "attacking and dismissing rape victims" but climate denialism and ethical lapses also dogged him

Taxpayers Held Prisoner by the Private Prison Industry

As you're doubtless aware, assorted misdeeds and lawbreaking will land you in jail and prison for varying quantities of essentially wasted time. For those who profit off the "bad" guys and gals, crime is a Godsend; a never-ending profit center much like the funeral business.

The Mainstream Media Suffers from Conservative-Induced Stockholm Syndrome

I wonder if, due to dangerously high levels of delusion, it is time to put the MSM, if not the Fourth Estate as a whole away as a threat to society.

Nancy Pelosi Destroys Republican Talking Points on the Debt Ceiling

Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) destroyed Republican talking points regarding the debt ceiling on Face the Nation, and then upped the ante for more revenue.

Obama Uses Libya Debacle to Put Romney Six Feet Under

Without using a single personal attack, Obama used Romney's disastrous handling of his remarks on the Libya attack to bury the Republican nominee.