Texas Republicans Reach New Low as They Demand Non-Viable Pregnancies Be Carried to Term

Once again Republicans show they haven't read their Bibles - or their Constitution - before they start legislating Jesus into law

GOP Lawmaker Shows Us Some Valentines Love by Declaring Women “A Lesser Cut of Meat”

How do we handle all the love that Republicans show women?

Republicans Fooled Americans Again To Eliminate Women’s Reproductive Rights

Instead of introducing legislation to create jobs, or help Americans struggling in an economy created for the benefit of the rich, on the first day of the 114th Congress Republicans introduced five separate bills restricting women's reproductive rights; something they did not pledge would be at the top of their legislative agenda.

Women’s Greatest Enemy Is Evangelical Women, Not Republican Men

Even shaky reason dictates that a robust women's electoral movement would cleanse Republican patriarchs from Congress, governorships, and state legislatures, and bring the Republican war on women to an abrupt and just end. However, that is certainly not the case and it is down to American women's greatest enemy and it is not Republican men per se, but the evangelical women electing them.

Republicans: Women Problem? What Women Problem?

Nothing wrong with an exclusive and hate-filled Republican message. Just with the people who aren't sufficiently white, male, and Christian.

Republican Lindsey Graham Attempts To Steal Women’s Rights Without Even a Vote In The Senate

The latest Republican to introduce legislation attacking women's right to choose is Senator Lindsey Graham who attempted to bypass a committee and asked for unanimous consent to bring the "Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act" up for a vote.

Conservative Christians Claim They Should be Able to Spew Hate Without Consequence

Please Disregard Above: We No Longer Hate Gays

Conservative Christians want to be able to spew hate and lies but for nobody to have the right to disagree with or refute them

Iraq War Propagandist Accuses Obama of Encouraging Criminal Behavior with Plan B

Blakeman said that since having sex at the age of 15 can be statutory rape, President Obama is encouraging criminal behavior by making Plan B available over the counter.

The GOP’s Boston-inspired Insanity

The GOP: Sodomizing our shared reality - and you

It Is Time For Democratic Women to Usurp the Power of Male Republicans

By any measure, America is in decline. The fault lies almost completely with male Republicans. Democratic women must usurp the power.

Kansas Republican Tim Huelskamp Put the Fool in April Fool’s Day

Kansas Republican Tim Huelskamp says marriage equality is unpatriotic and will destroy the family and motherhood - and even your apple pie

God Wills It! Things You Will Never Hear an Atheist Say

When Reshad Riddle gunned down his father at Church, he didn't say his act was the will of atheism.

Pro-Life Iowa Republican Kills Maternal Care Bill with Abortion Amendment

Here is the proof that 'pro-life' Republicans are not actually concerned with the life of a fetus: An Iowa Republican killed a maternal care bill with a poison pill.

Instead of Apologizing CNN Is Outraged By the Backlash Over Their Pro-Rapist Coverage

Instead of apologizing or listening to the complaints that the network was soft on rapists due to their Steubenville rape convictions coverage, CNN is outraged and dismissive.

The Bill to Fund the Government Is the Latest Bit of Stand-up Comedy From House Republicans

The primary purpose of House Bill 933 is to perpetuate the bloat of the defense budget and decimate domestic programs.

It’s a BFD: Obama Renews Biden’s Violence Against Women Act After GOP Obstruction

President Obama said today while signing the Violence Against Women Act, "I promise you this - not just as your President, but as a son, as a husband, as a father - I'm going to keep at it."

The Mind Boggling Idiocy of Defunding Family Planning Will Cost Texas Taxpayers $273 Million

Texas Republicans were shocked to learn that their 2011 legislative efforts to defund family planning will result in more unplanned pregnancies and cost $273 million.

The VAWA Finally Passes and Reveals A New Truth For the Republican House

The Republican majority in the House is split. This was revealed today in a painfully obvious way when moderate Republicans joined the Democratic minority to pass the Violence Against Women Act.

America’s Capitalism Has Embraced White Slaves as Well as Black

American capitalism supported white indentured servitude before and alongside black slavery and relinquished it only reluctantly.

The GOP’s version of VAWA Should be called the Defense of Violence Against Women Act

The House GOP's watered down version of the VAWA is more about preserving their bigotry than anything about protecting women from violence.