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Andrew Cuomo destroys Mitch McConnell at his press conference

Donald Trump, Credibly Accused of Sexual Misconduct by 26 Different Women, Says It’s About Time “Loser” Andrew Cuomo Resigned

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Donald Trump seethed over the positive press Andrew Cuomo was getting. While Trump’s briefings were a daily embarrassment, many Americans looked to Cuomo’s briefings as a comfortable display of leadership. At the same time, Cuomo has acted horrifically  towards staff and colleagues as an investigation recently found. Democratic leadership all the…


WATCH: Tucker Carlson Bristles After Matt Gaetz Brings Up Sexual Assault Allegations Levied Against the Fox Host

When people are accused of a serious crime, lawyers typically encourage them to stay silent about the matter. On Tuesday night, it was revealed that Matt Gaetz is being investigated for serious sex trafficking charges. Rather than staying silent about the matter, though, Gaetz came out swinging and making wild accusations. The Florida Rep. attempted…

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