Can an Economy be “Amazing” if it Promotes Sexual Violence?

When he resigned his position as Labor Secretary in the Trump administration yesterday, Alexander Acosta explained, “It would be selfish to stay in this position and continue talking about a case that’s 12 year old, rather than the amazing economy we have right now.”  For his part, Trump hailed Acosta as “a great labor secretary,” even going so far as to defend the plea deal Acosta’s office made with Jeffrey Epstein back in 2008. read more

Killing Spree: Police Are Killing Three Men Per Day in the United States

Police in the United States are on a killing spree. According to a new study from the American Public Health Association (APHA) officers in U.S. police departments kill more than 1,000 men per year, or almost three men per day. read more

Roman J. Israel, Esquire, a Film that Connects Us to Our Radical Past to Challenge Trump’s Malevolence

Dan Gilroy’s 2017 film Roman J. Israel, Esquire, starring Denzel Washington and still lingering in theaters, has either been critically panned or just plain overlooked.

‘Women’s Protest’ Sent Trump Republicans A Powerful Frightening Message

The diverse protesters said that what is about to happen to any American at the hands of Trump Republicans “should never happen to anyone.”

Trump’s Homeland Security Prospect Portends a Real Constitutional Crisis

About a million people should be scooped up, “charged with treason, and under habeas corpus, detain them indefinitely at Gitmo.”

It’s Seriously Perilous To Be Black In ‘Trump’s America’

Whatever perceived progress on race relations was wiped out when Donald Trump made racism the centerpiece of his presidential campaign.

GOP Says Exercising First Amendment Rights is Terrorism but Domestic Terrorism is Not

"The U.S. government should never subject Americans to surveillance for exercising basic Constitutional rights."

A Weaponized Drone On American Soil Portends the End of Due Process

The only thing separating a tyrannical police state from a free society is due process that too many African Americans have already lost.

Bill O’Reilly and Rudy Giuliani Claims That BLM is Racist Projects Their Own Racism

Fed by a racist, "constrictive ideology," O'Reilly and Giuliani project an invisible "only" before "Black Lives Matter"

Oath Keepers’ Crazy Idea to ‘Reestablish the Militia System’ to Defeat ‘Marxist Agenda’

Stewart Rhodes wants “patriotic Americans” to “go armed at all times” and to "reestablish the militia system" against "Marxist terrorism"

America Has Had A One-Sided Race War For Decades

"We feel powerless to keep you from killing black people in front of their loved ones. That we cannot halt you; that is our curse.”

Don’t Listen To Those Using The Dallas Tragedy To Divide Us

Dallas shooting tweets

We should be listening to and emulating those who bring us together, not using this moment to deepen tensions that were bad enough before this week began.

Joe Walsh Warns ‘This is now war. Watch out Obama. Real America is Coming After You’

“3 Dallas Cops killed, 7 wounded. This is now war. Watch out Obama. Watch out black lives matter punks. Real America is coming after you.”

Snyder Sent Flint Emergency Manager To Poison Detroit School Children

The poisoning of Flint's school children is what is expected when Republicans abolish democracy to provide more money for the rich

Clinton, Sanders Stand With Planned Parenthood. Republicans Stand Silent After Shooting

The Democratic candidates stood with Planned Parenthood on Twitter, while Republicans mostly tried to ignore the shooting.

Trump Claims 100 Black Religious Leaders Will Endorse Him Monday

Donald Trump has shown what he thinks of African-Americans, yet he claims to have 100 black religious leaders lined up to endorse him Monday

This Is Why White Supremacists Opened Fire On Peaceful Black Lives Matter Protestors

white racists with guns, cops or otherwise, lust to shoot human beings who are African American and peaceably protesting.