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Battle to Exclude Undocumented People from Census Exemplifies Trump Agenda: Make Many Lives Not Count

Last Friday the Supreme Court indicated that on November 30 it will hear arguments in the Trump administration’s appeal regarding its efforts to exclude undocumented immigrants from being counted in the census numbers used to calculate the apportionment of congressional districts. Last September a federal appeals court in Manhattan rejected the Trump administration’s bid to…


Trump Says Mitt Romney “Couldn’t Be Elected Dog Catcher” in Utah Despite His 56% Approval Rating

Donald Trump mocked Mitt Romney on Thursday, claiming the Utah senator would struggle to win an election in the state. This is despite Romney’s huge popularity there. The President made the comments, apparently unprompted, during an appearance in Latrobe, Pennsylvania. He’s often taken aim at the Republican senator after he voted in favor of impeachment….


Opinion: Biden, Dems, BLM Must Embrace and Re-define “Law and Order”

Donald Trump has repeatedly declared himself the “law and order” candidate, wearing this mantle proudly. At last week’s Republican National Convention, the array of speakers trumpeted this slogan again and again as the dominant chord of Trump’s otherwise ill-defined policy platform. “Law and order” isn’t just the definitive slogan on Trump’s candidacy; it’s deployed as…


Opinion: Alicia Garza and William Barber Explain Why Black Lives Matter is the Ultimate Antidote to Trumpism

Recent polling indicates that an overwhelming number of Americans, close to 75%, support the protests, inspired by George Floyd’s murder, against racism and police brutality.  This approval, polls reveal, stretches across party lines and racial lines. The polls, of course, don’t reveal in any precise way the psychological dynamics at work in the American mentality…

Trump smears Dr. Rick Bright as disgruntled

Trump Spends His Morning Going After Biden and His “Radical Left” Supporters as Protests Rage

President Donald Trump railed against his Democratic opponent, former vice president Joe Biden, on Twitter this morning, falsely accusing him of using his influence to bail “Anarchists”––his word for protesters with the Black Lives Matter movement––out of jail. “Sleepy Joe Biden’s people are so Radical Left that they are working to get the Anarchists out…

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