Ted Cruz Demonstrates Lack of Historical Understanding, Argues That Making It Easier To Vote Would Be “Jim Crow 2.0”

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Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) criticized Democrats for working to pass election reforms, arguing that making it easier for citizens to vote would be “Jim Crow 2.0.”

“This legislation is profoundly dangerous, and the reason it suppresses millions of votes is by allowing millions of people to vote illegally,” Cruz said during a Senate rules committee hearing on the bill. “That is the intended effect and that would be the actual effect of this bill. It dilutes the legal votes of American citizens.”  read more

Former GOP Rep. Will Hurd Leaves The Door Open To Primarying Ted Cruz

Will Hurd Mueller testify

Will Hurd should have been a rising star in the GOP. He was one of the few minority Republicans in the House of Representatives and had an impressive background as a former CIA agent.

But unlike many of his fellow Republicans, Hurd was willing to stand up to Donald Trump. He voted against Trump’s government shutdown in 2019 and also voted to condemn the former president for comments he made about “the Squad.” read more

Ted Cruz Seems to Forget Jason Bourne is a Fictional Character as He Complains About New CIA Video

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Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) slammed the CIA’s new “Humans of the CIA video” which features a first-generation Latina CIA agent who discusses intersectionality.

“I am a woman of color. I am a mom. I am a cisgender millennial who’s been diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder. I am intersectional, but my existence is not a box-checking exercise,” the CIA agent says. read more

Cruz Accused of Violating Campaign Finance Rules by Illegally Promoting His Book with Campaign Funds

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Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) has been officially accused of violating campaign finance rules by illegally promoting his book with campaign funds, according to a new lawsuit filed by The Campaign Legal Center (CLC), which notes Cruz spent up to $18,000 in late 2020 on Facebook advertisements that included links urging viewers to buy copies of his book from third-party online booksellers. Cruz’s financial disclosure report says Cruz’s book deal with Regnery Publishing earned him a $400,000 advance as well as a 15% royalty on net sales of hardcover copies. read more

WATCH: Former CIA Director Brennan Expresses Disgust in Cruz, Hawley and Ron Johnson

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The January 6th attack on the Capitol was one of the most disgraceful moments in United States history. Those behind the attack, though, don’t seem to be chastened by the fallout.

The acting chief of the Capitol Police, Yogananda Pittman revealed on Thursday that there is a plot for more violence. She told the House Appropriations Committee:

Members of militia groups that were present on Jan. 6 have stated their desires that they want to blow up the Capitol and kill as many members as possible with a direct nexus to the State of the Union.”

Nicolle Wallace discussed these comments with former CIA John Brennan during her Thursday show. Brennan told the MSNBC host:

“Frankly I’m disgusted by what I have heard coming out of the mouths of senators. Ron Johnson, Josh Hawley, Ted Cruz, and others who continue to give credence to these conspiracy theories. This is just a dereliction of responsibility. I don’t care which political party they’re from. They have a responsibility to the people, not just of their state and their constituents, but also to this country, to try to do everything possible to defuse these sentiments that are leading to this violent expression of anger and violence against our Capitol. So, therefore, again, I just shake my head. I cannot believe when I hear these things, they continue to fuel the sentiments. They know better. They know they’re being dishonest, and they’re just antagonizing individuals who are looking for reasons to carry out their acts of violence.” read more

Fox News Accuses Democrats of “Capitalizing” on Texas Weather Disaster


Last week, the state of Texas experienced massive power outages due to a winter storm. The leaders of the state, many of them Republicans, didn’t seem to be interested in helping their constituents.

Ted Cruz famously took off for Cancun. Little was heard from Senator John Cornyn and Governor Greg Abbott mostly seemed interested in going on Fox News and promoting nonsense.

Democrats like Beto O’Rourke and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez stepped up, found shelter for people experiencing blackouts and raised millions of dollars.

According to a new piece on Fox News, though, O’Rourke and AOC weren’t doing this out of the goodness of their hearts. Adam Shaw writes that the Dems were trying to “capitalize” on Texas’ misfortune.

The author spends a fair amount of time on the Green New Deal which had absolutely nothing to do with the disaster. “Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

who has raised millions for relief efforts in Houston and who is also a promoter of the controversial Green New Deal, has countered by saying the crisis was proof of the need for such a proposal” read more

Cruz Says His Wife is “Pissed” Over Leaked Texts About Cancún Trip

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Speaking to the Ruthless podcast, Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) said that his wife Heidi is “pissed” over the leaked text messages that revealed they were flying to Cancún even as millions went without water and power as a result of the Texas energy disaster.

“Heidi’s pretty pissed at that,” Cruz said of the leaked texts. “She actually was over at her neighbor’s house yesterday sort of walking through [it].”

“Here’s a suggestion: just don’t be a–holes,” he continued. “Like, just, you know, treat each other as human beings have some degree, some modicum of respect.”

The New York Times published the text messages, which were obtained from members of Ted and Heidi Cruz’s inner circle.

The messages show that Heidi Cruz messaged her friends to tell them that their home was “FREEZING” and that they were staying with friends to ride out the disaster. Then she asked, “Anyone can or want to leave for the week? We may go to Cancun.” No one accepted the offer.

You can listen to Cruz’s interview below.

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) tells @RuthlessPodcast his wife Heidi is “pretty pissed” about the leaked Cancun texts:

“It's a sign of how ridiculously politicized and nasty and just … Here’s a suggestion, just don’t be assholes. Just treat each other as human beings.” pic.twitter.com/ANtsOFmkfu read more

Cruz Unrepentant, Blames Criticism for Cancún Trip on “Trump Withdrawal”

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Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) has pushed back against criticism he’s received for flying to Cancún while millions of people went without food and water as a result of the Texas power disaster.

Speaking to conservative radio host Dana Loesch, Cruz blamed criticism on “Trump withdrawal,” implying that attacks against him are only taking place because of former President Donald Trump’s absence from the news cycle.

“I will say, to venture into practicing medicine, that I actually want to diagnose the media. The media is suffering from acute Trump withdrawal, where for four years every day, they could foam at the mouth and be obsessed with Donald Trump, and now that he has receded from their day-to-day storyline, they don’t know what to do with themselves,” Cruz said.

“Donald Trump broke the media, and so they don’t want to do that,” he added. “They just want to engage in political attacks.”

You can watch Cruz’s interview below.

Cruz claimed he went to Cancún to accompany his daughters, an apology that did not sit well with his critics either.

“Like millions of Texans, our family lost heat and power too,” Cruz said in a statement. “With school cancelled for the week, our girls asked to take a trip with friends. Wanting to be a good dad, I flew down with them last night and am flying back this afternoon. My staff and I are in constant communication with state and local leaders to get to the bottom of what happened in Texas.” read more

Embattled Texas AG Ken Paxton Also Skipped Town During Weather Disaster

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When a state faces a weather disaster, it is a good time for elected politicians to show leadership. Sure, there’s not much they can do to stop a blizzard or a hurricane, but they can get on the phone and secure help for their constituents.

Ted Cruz decided against doing any of this. The Texas senator faced mass ridicule over the weekend for his decision to take his family on a tropical vacation while people in his state suffered.

Gary Gates, a state senator, was also criticized for his trip to Florida during the storms. Gates said he went to the Sunshine state on business.

And now it has been revealed that Ken Paxton, the state’s AG, went to Utah over the last week. A spokesperson for his office, Ian Prior, said that Paxton was making a “pre-planned” visit to Sean Reyes, the Utah AG. The Texas lawmaker’s wife also joined him on the trip.

Prior continued, “While there, AG Paxton had a number of meetings with the Utah Attorney General over the course of several days. I cannot further share additional details or the specific reasons on the need for the meeting concerning Google as it involves an ongoing investigation.”

This isn’t the only scandal that Paxton is facing. The Texas Republican has been under indictment for securities fraud since 2015. The case is currently on appeal.