Trump Congratulates Himself, Attacks The Press In Puerto Rico Twitter Meltdown

Once again, the self-centered President of the United States cannot help but make every domestic and international incident about him and how wonderful and/or victimized he is.

Joe Biden Lays Waste To Trump’s Golf Swing-Hillary Clinton GIF: ‘Our Children Are Watching’

"Enough. This has to stop," the former Vice President tweeted. "Our children are watching."

Hillary Clinton Tells Trump To ‘Get Over The Twitter Stuff’ And Start Being Commander-In-Chief

Hillary Clinton Rachel Maddow interview

Clinton laid out a rational plan to solve the North Korea threat and said Trump is being "played" by Kim Jong-un.

Terrified Trump Now Promises To ‘Revisit’ DACA If Congress Doesn’t Clean Up His Mess

It remains to be seen whether Congress can pass legislation that will shield Dreamers from deportation, but it's clear the Trump is already regretting the move he made on Tuesday. 

Trump’s Afghanistan Speech Overshadowed By Endless Trail Of Anti-War Tweets

Trump has repeatedly used his favorite social media platform to call for withdrawing troops from Afghanistan. On Monday, he will call for a troop surge.

Trump Just Blamed Obama’s Competence And Steadiness For The North Korea Mess

Facts are facts: Barack Obama was a reassuring adult in an increasingly dangerous world, and Donald Trump is a man-sized toddler pushing the world closer to nuclear war.

GOP Senator Slams Trump’s Twitter Tantrums, Says His Presidency Has Been ‘Disappointing’

If there is an upside for Toomey, it's that Trump's constant social media outbursts are distracting from the disastrous piece of legislation he's trying to push through the Senate.

Trump Throws Tantrum And Begs The Media To Give Him Credit For Obama’s Economy

After six months of failed policy proposals, unprecedented scandals, and a deteriorating mental state, the Trump train has gone completely off the rails.

Jake Tapper Tells Trump To Stop Throwing Tantrums And Get To Work In Blistering Tweetstorm

"Attacking media does nothing for the troop in harm's way, the hungry child in Appalachia or inner city, the unemployed factory worker."

‘Hypocrisy And Cowardice’: Dan Rather Destroys GOP For Refusing To Cut Ties With Trump

Dan Rather GOP cowardice

This cowardice may help the GOP hold onto its base, but it's doing great long-term damage to America's political system.

Maxine Waters Says Trump Is No Longer Just A Bully – He’s A Clear And Present Danger To America

A bully armed with a Twitter account is one thing, but the same bully with access to America's nuclear arsenal is a whole other ballgame.

Desperate Donald Spews More Lies About Hillary Clinton As Russia Scandal Keeps Building

As the investigation into Trump's ties to Russia continues to heat up, the president is desperately hoping to distract his way out of it.

Running Scared: Trump Has Total Twitter Meltdown Over Russia Investigation

Trump's Monday night tweets weren't the words of somebody who is confident in his innocence. They're the rantings of a man who is terrified of being caught.

Trump Is Tweeting Less In The AM Because He’s No Longer Allowed To Watch ‘Morning Joe’

Donald Trump

You may have noticed a slight decline in Trump's morning tweets. That's because he no longer watches 'Morning Joe'.

Opinion: GOP Operative Calls On Media To Expose Trump Treason

The days of pretending that what is happening under Trump isn’t “serious” are over; it is time for a concerted media push-back.

ISIS Hacker Says Trump’s Twitter Use Makes Him Top Target For Account Breaches


Trump frequently attacked Hillary Clinton's email use during the campaign, but it's his use of Twitter that makes him a prime target for hackers.

Trump Trusts Russian Operative Assange but Not America’s Intelligence Community

In the continuing saga surrounding the overarching question of whether or not Donald J. Trump is really an American, or a Russian operative, it is getting a little clearer that defector Donald is intricately aligned with Russia and its interests; he has shown absolutely no allegiance to America, its people, or its security interests.

Obama Pounces: If Trump Can’t Handle A Twitter Account, He Shouldn’t Have Nuclear Codes

Barack Obama Trump Twitter

"If somebody starts tweeting at three in the morning because SNL made fun of you, then you can't handle the nuclear codes."

This Genius New Clinton Fundraising Tool Is Certain To Empty Your Bank Account

Clinton campaign fundraising tool

The new tool automatically donates money to Hillary Clinton's campaign whenever Donald Trump tweets something outrageous.