Bernie Sanders Explained Why Voters Aren’t Voting Ten Years Ago

Before perusing the one-time "world's leading democracy" and its truly pathetic voter turnout record, it is worth looking back at comments from Senator Bernie Sanders that he recorded for posterity nearly ten years ago.

Boehner and McConnell Balance Their Budget on the Backs of the American People

Republicans are making much of their "balanced" budget but this "work harder for less" budget is not really balanced at all

Religious Right Leader Rick Wiles is Fascinated by Obama’s Privates

Obama 5 best jokes White House Correspondents' Dinner

You know the Religious Right, and maybe some of its male leaders, have got nothing when they start worrying about Obama's presidential package

Sarah Palin Says President Obama is Flirting With the Devil

Sarah Palin warns that in his dealings with Iran that Obama is flirting with the devil...but wait...isn't Obama the devil?

After Voting to Strip it From DC Residents, Boehner Claims to Champion Religious Freedom

"America was founded on the principle of religious freedom." It's just a shame he thinks only corporations have that freedom

Pat Robertson Says if We Keep Mocking Him, God Will Smack Us Down

There are a whole bunch of fundamentalists who are upset we don't take them seriously, which means, of course, that I will keep mocking them

No, Being Told You Can’t Persecute People is Not Persecution

Dr. Richard Land calls opposing persecution of others "ugly...thuggish...brutish. It's the totalitarian left in all of its ugly face."

It’s Getting Hard to Tell Where Sovereign Citizens End and Republicans Begin

Both Republicans and so-called sovereign citizens are citizens and subject to federal authority. If not, we should rethink deportation laws

Boehner Attempts to Undermine the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

Republicans are more than willing to waste money to help the rich and corporations, but money spent protecting the rest of us is "wasteful"

Agreeing the Past Never Happened: Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and Congress

It has been 70 years this year since Japan's bid to launch what it called the "Greater East Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere" came crashing to the ground

Republicans Admit Defeat and Silently Surrender In Their War On Obamacare

obama on the 5th anniversary of Obamacare

While Republicans aren't waving the white flag publicly, the GOP is becoming quietly aware that they have lost their war against Obamacare.

The Revolution is Not Over, My Friends

Conservatives have for a long time controlled the discourse on freedom and liberty, but these are liberal ideals, and we must take them back

Obama Relents and Gives Congress Veto Power Over Iran Nuclear Deal

The current President, Barack Obama, will go down in history for providing tens-of-millions of Americans with access to affordable health care, restoring diplomatic relations with Cuba, an historic climate change deal with China, and with the stroke of his pen, ceding executive branch authority over foreign policy to a Congress loyal to a foreign national.

Obama Attacked for Announcing Cuba is No Longer a State Sponsor of Terror

The resultant Republican freakout is not unexpected, as it violates not only the status quo but further silences the drums of war

Bob Vander Plaats Says Exercising First Amendment Rights Mocks God

Yes, actually exercising your First Amendment right to have your own beliefs is a "huge concern" with "spiritual ramifications" in Iowa

S.C. Says Constitution Allows Discrimination Against Women So Gay Discrimination Is Okay

The crux of South Carolina's argument in support of discriminating against gays is that if it constitutionally permissible to discriminate against women, then it is perfectly legal to discriminate against gays.

Ted Cruz Says Accurately Quoting Him is Yellow Journalism

Ted Cruz, like every other Republican, hates being quoted, and it's never his fault that he said it, but the media's fault for reporting it

Delusional Michele Bachmann Thinks President Obama Has Virtually Guaranteed World War III

In a radio interview, former GOP Congresswoman Michele Bachmann asserted that President Obama's policies will lead to World War III.

Sean Hannity Helps Rand Paul Find Excuses For the Things He Used to Believe

Ah, the comforting embrace of Sean Hannity, where "that was then" is answer enough to questions about issues that affect millions

Religious Right: GOP Will Never Win Presidency if They Soften Gay Rights Stance

The Religious Right thinks, despite all the evidence, that doubling down on anti-gay bigotry will have better results than Indiana