Pat Roberts of Kansas Goes All Tea Party and Warns of National Socialism

Losing at the polls in Kansas to independent candidate and X-Factor Chad Orman, incumbent Republican Sen. Pat Roberts is pulling out all stops. That means campaigning with 91-year-old former Senate Majority Leader Bob Dole at Dodge City event in what Philip Rucker of the Washington Post styled a “geriatric rescue mission” – and if that doesn’t work, using the dreaded ‘s’ word: socialism. read more

Rand Paul Desperately Doubles Down On His Criticism Of The Clintons Over Lewinsky Affair

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) apparently can’t help himself. He sat down with C-SPAN recently for an interview that they will air on Sunday. During the interview, he went back to criticizing former President Bill Clinton over the Monica Lewinsky affair, just as he had done last month on Meet the Press. For some reason, Paul really thinks this is a good tactic to use to hammer both the extremely popular ex-President and his wife, presumptive 2016 Democratic Presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton. read more