Chuck Schumer Blasts the GOP For Refusing To Call For An FBI Investigation Into Alleged Kavanaugh Sexual Assault

In the face of the vicious death threats and fake news lies being spread about Dr. Christine Blasey after she came reluctantly forward with the allegation that Donald Trump's Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh had attempted to rape her years ago, Senator Chuck Schumer D-NY) backed her call for an FBI investigation prior to a hearing.

If Witnesses Are Allowed To Testify, It Is Going To Get Ugly For Kavanaugh

“Of course there is never any excuse to rape someone. But it’s possible to have two seemingly contradictory thoughts to be both equally true. There’s never any excuse to rape, a crime that I think is almost akin to murder because the rapist kills a part of the human soul. And yet what women wear and their body language also send signals about their sexuality,” Daily Caller writer and Georgetown Preparatory School Kavanaugh classmate Mark Judge wrote in Acculturated. read more