As Kavanaugh Nomination Sinks, Trump Falls Apart And Attacks Christine Blasey Ford

The accused, that is, Mr. Trump- a man credibly accused of sexual assault 19 times before he was elected president - returned to his true form Friday morning after getting his ego puffed up beyond capacity at his rally last night, and attacked Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, because it's not enough that his cult have threatened her life and forced her family out of her home.

Desperate GOP Is In Denial About Dr. Ford’s Sexual Assault Claims

When you listen to Republicans in Washington you get the impression that they think Christine Ford’s sexual assault allegations against Brett Kavanaugh are no big deal.

The conventional wisdom is that Ford’s charges from 35 years ago are just a small bump in the road as Kavanaugh’s confirmation steamrolls ahead. Everyone in the GOP seems to be saying that the right-wing judge will be approved by the Senate so he can take his rightful place on the Supreme Court in October. read more