Aides Avoiding ‘Furious’ Trump As He Faces Reality of Midterm Disaster

The walls are closing in on President Donald Trump, and he knows it.

Increasingly he is acting like a desperate man facing difficult situations that he can’t win.

And according to The Los Angles Times, life for his staffers inside the White House is growing intolerable. They said that the president’s closest aides are all “avoiding” Trump and his “furious” behavior. read more

Schumer Tells Trump to Stop ‘Bullying, Harassing & Lying’ About Recounts

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer has had enough of Donald Trump.

On Tuesday he demanded that the president “stop bullying, harassing and lying” about the Florida recounts.

Speaking in defense of Florida Sen. Nelson, who is fighting for his Senate seat, Minority Leader Schumer called for President Trump to “stop bullying, harassing and lying” about the Florida recount efforts.” read more