Caravan of 1,300 Honduran Migrants Starts Walking to the U.S. Border

A caravan of over 1,300 people left yesterday from Honduras, beginning a journey to the United States where members of the caravan hope to seek asylum as refugees. The group was composed primarily of families, including many women carrying babies. The beginning of their journey was marked by the desperation which underlies their struggle for existence in their home country where life has become almost intolerable. read more

Devin Nunes’ Hometown Paper Mocks Trump’s Plan to Give Him Medal

Last week we reported that The Fresno Bee, hometown newspaper to GOP Representative Devin Nunes, published a scathing editorial endorsing the Democratic opponent of the conservative congressman.

After President Trump on Thursday said that Nunes deserves the Presidential Medal of Freedom the Bee once again had a lot to say, this time about Nunes’ worthiness for such an honor. Trump said Nunes was deserving of a medal because he is chairman of the House Intelligence Committee and he led congressional investigations into potential conspiracy with Russians during Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign. But the editors of the newspaper did not agree. read more