WSJ Bashes Trump For Taking Credit For Solving ‘Problem of His Own Creation’

Although the Wall Street Journal is very conservative in some ways, that doesn’t mean that they are big Donald Trump fans, or that they support all of the president’s policies.

Lately the Journal has differed with Trump on his key issues of trade tariffs and immigration since they, like many “establishment” Republicans, support both free trade and a compromise on immigration reform. read more

Mika Attacks Ivanka, Says Response to Baby Jails Is a “Joke”

Mika Brzezinski from Morning Joe is a passionate person, and she is not shy expressing her opinions, even when they contradict her co-host Joe Scarborough, who is a former Republican Congressman.

Lately she has been passionately asking first daughter Ivanka Trump to take a stand against the her father’s horrible family separation policies. To put it mildly, Mika has been critical of Ivanka, and has said many times that she thinks more should be done. But the president’s daughter has always responded (in private, according to Mika) by insisting that she’s doing enough. read more