Karl Rove Calls on the GOP to Denounce QAnon, Proud Boys and Militias

Many Republicans would like to see themselves as fiscally conservative people who stand for limited government. But that hasn’t been the image of the GOP in the Trump era.

When people think about the party of Trump they picture groups like the Proud Boys. Or militia groups bringing machine guns to the Michigan Capitol. If the GOP wants to remain a political power, Karl Rove recently argued, they must disavow the Proud Boys, QAnon and militia groups. read more

Sean Hannity Melts Down And Can’t Handle Joe Biden’s Success

Sean Hannity responded to Biden‘s nearly universally praised inaugural address with a meltdown that showed he is not doing well post-Trump.

Hannity said during his radio show:

I’m going to be very blunt, honest, and objective here,” Hannity said. “It sounded like a student council president acceptance speech! Zero substance. No soaring rhetoric whatsoever. It’s like he half mumbles. I can’t even explain it. He looks tired. I can just see him about now saying, ‘I need a nap.’ read more