WATCH: Former Australian PM Malcolm Turnbull Slams Rupert Murdoch Over Fox’s Involvement in 1/6 Insurrection and Vaccine Hesitancy Push

While politics are certainly different in Australia than they are in the United States, Malcolm Turnbull would still be considered to be a Conservative. He is also acquainted with fellow Aussie Rupert Murdoch, having known him since 1974.

The former Prime Minister recently appeared on Mehdi Hasan’s show to discuss Murdoch and how his news network is currently poisoning America.

The host asked, “You mentioned dangerous, you mentioned devastating. So let me just ask you straight up. Do you believe Fox and the Murdochs, by creating what you’ve called in the past a “market for crazy,” by pushing not just election lies and white supremacist propaganda — but also anti-mask, anti-vaccine conspiracies — do they have blood on their hands?”

Turnbull answered, “Well, they certainly have contributed to blood being shed. January 6 could not have occurred without the Big Lie about the election having been promoted and pumped out, as it was by Fox News.”

The former Australian PM continued:

“He knows the vaccines work. But he’s making billions of dollars out of a, you know, a news channel, a news platform, Fox News, which is promoting and enabling all of this vaccine hesitancy. I mean, surely — surely, you would think you would have enough affection for your viewers, not to encourage them to follow a course of action that is likely to result in their illness and death.” read more

“QAnon Shaman” Negotiating for a Plea Deal Following Mental Health Diagnosis

Jacob Chansley, the man nicknamed the “QAnon Shaman” after he was photographed inside the Capitol wearing a horned headdress, shirtless and heavily tattooed, is negotiating for a plea deal after officials at the federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) diagnosed him with transient schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, depression, and anxiety.

Defense lawyer Albert Watkins said officials confirmed Chansley’s mental condition deteriorated due to the stress of being held in solitary confinement at a jail in Alexandria, Virginia.

“As he spent more time in solitary confinement … the decline in his acuity was noticeable, even to an untrained eye,” Watkins said.

Watkins noted that Chansley has not been declared mentally incompetent and that he does not expect his client to be ordered to undergo mental health treatment. He says Chansley has expressed delusions “believing that he was indeed related directly to Jesus and Buddha.”

“What we’ve done is we’ve taken a guy who is unarmed, harmless, peaceful … with a pre-existing mental vulnerability of significance, and we’ve rendered him a chocolate soup mess,” Watkins said. read more

Projection: Greene Calls Pelosi “Unfit,” Accuses Her of “Ignoring Intel” About 1/6

Marjorie Taylor Greene

Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) accused House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) of “ignoring intel” and failing to secure the Capitol on January 6, the day a mob of former President Donald Trump‘s supporters stormed the building in a bid to overturn the results of the 2020 general election.

Pelosi “is unhinged in her political warfare against Trump & his supporters.” Greene claimed, accusing Pelosi of forming a committee to investigate the attack only so she can “persecute” Republicans in Congress.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi is the one responsible for ignoring Intel about J6 & NOT securing the Capitol!

She is unhinged in her political warfare against Trump & his supporters.

She only plans to use her J6 committee to persecute R’s.

She is mentally unfit to be Speaker! read more

Lara Trump: I Was Thrilled When My Maskless 3 Year-Old Came Home From School Sick

The tide seems to be turning a bit this week. With COVID surging mainly in red states, Republicans suddenly seem willing to endorse vaccines. Fox hosts Steve Doocy and Sean Hannity encouraged their viewers to look into the shot. And long-time holdout and number 2 Republican in the House, Steve Scalise got his jab.

Conservatives, though, still seem focused on creating a culture war over masks. Ron DeSantis, despite a massive COVID surge in Florida, says he won’t issue a mask mandate on schools this fall. And Lara Trump, daughter-in-law of the former president, said she was thrilled the other day when her maskless daughter came home from school sick.

Trump told the hosts of Fox & Friends, “The idea that we’re going to make our children sit in school masked up all day long I think is absolutely ludicrous.”

The wife of Eric Trump continued, “

My daughter, Carolina, last week had a cold. Every parent knows that’s a nightmare. I have to tell you, I was so thrilled because I know that she is actually getting in contact with viruses and germs and bacteria that will allow her to develop an immune system.”
read more

WATCH: Lawyer For Capitol Police Officer Blasted by Tucker Carlson Says His Client is Getting Death Threats

In the post-Trump reality, many things have changed. The GOP is no longer the party that backs the blue. Instead, Republican lawmakers have refused to meet with injured police officers and Conservative talking heads question their actions.

Earlier this week, Tucker Carlson dedicated a segment of his show to blasting Capitol officer Harry Dunn. He told his audience, “On Tuesday, Nancy Pelosi will call a Capitol Police Officer called Harry Dunn. Dunn will pretend to speak for the country’s law enforcement community. But it turns out Dunn has very little in common with your average cop. Dunn is an angry left-wing political activist whose social media feeds are full of praise, not coincidentally for Nancy Pelosi.”

That officer is now receiving death threats according to his lawyer.

Mark Zaid, who is representing Dunn, talked about Carlson’s comments with Claire McCaskill, who was filling in for Nicolle Wallace. The former senator asked, “Talk about where he is today in terms of dealing with what he had to encounter that day and how strongly he feels about the way Tucker Carlson said it that he somehow was not an average cop.”

Zaid responded:

“It was not until last night, after Tucker Carlson made that despicable monologue, that he started receiving the most vile hate messages, racist attacks through social media. It is not a coincidence that those attacks started after Tucker Carlson made his comments and I attribute those directly to Carlson just like when I experienced death threats when I was representing the IC whistleblower during the first impeachment hearings. Those death threats started after right-wing social media and talking heads like Carlson started speaking out and naming us publicly.” read more

Jim Acosta Says Trump’s Latest ‘Delusional’ Lies About the Insurrection Invite His Supporters To Live In Alternate Reality.

Jim Acosta slams Trump's fake White House

Despite him overseeing the loss of the White House, Senate and Congress, the GOP will keep Donald Trump as their party’s figurehead. It’s a risky proposition considering he incited and insurrection on the US Capitol following his election loss.

And the more stories that come about Trump’s feelings on the riots, the harder it gets to defend him. Authors Phil Rucker and Carol Leonnig recently released a tape of the former president discussing January 6th. Trump claimed that the police had actually “ushered” the rioters into the building.

Jim Acosta and Brian Stelter talked about the new tape on CNN Thursday. “I cannot get over how delusional this sounds,” said Acosta. “I mean, the lies. It’s just nuts. But does it sound like the former president is emboldened to spin even more outrageous lies about January 6th as time passes on the deadly attack? We see this video day after day. It sounds delusional to listen to what he is saying.”

Yeah, emboldened is the word,” responded Stelter. “That is why this is relevant. We’ve seeing him over time dig in further and further and lies on this level are like a power trip. They are a challenge to the audience. Lies on this level, delusions on this level, you know, you’re daring people not to believe their eyes and own ears and daring people to deny what they know them to be true.”

Acosta closed the segment

remarking read more

Jen Psaki Knocks Ron DeSantis’ Plan to Have No Mask Mandate in Schools Despite Cases Surging in Florida

Jen Psaki takes out the GOP infrastructure lie

Ron DeSantis, more than any other governor in the country, has politicized mask wearing. He has regularly pointed to his state as a model for how COVID-19 should be handled.

At the same time, Florida is in the top 5 states for both total COVID deaths and cases. And right now, the virus is surging in Florida with 20% of new cases originating there.

During today’s press briefing, Jen Psaki was asked about DeSantis‘ recent declaration that masks would not be required in Florida schools this year. He told reporters, “We’re not doing that in Florida, okay? We want kids to be able to be kids. We need them to be able to breathe.”

Psaki responded, “

If I were a parent in Florida, that would be greatly concerning to me because kids under the age of 12 are not vaccinated. They’re not eligible yet.” read more