Draft Dodger Trump Says He’s Been Too Busy to Visit Troops Overseas

Trump golfs more than Obama

President Donald Trump said in an interview with the Associated Press that he has not been able to visit U.S. soldiers overseas as president because he has been “very busy.”

However, the website Trump Golf Count says it has evidence that the president has golfed at least 68 times since his inauguration in January of 2017. The site, which keeps track of all of Trump’s travels, said that during his presidency Trump has spent 72 days at his Florida resort, Mar-a-Lago, and 58 days at his Bedminster Country Club in New Jersey. read more

Trump Threatens To Send Troops to the U.S.-Mexico Border

According to a new article this morning in the Washington Post, “President Donald Trump has threatened to summon the military to close the U.S.-Mexico border and upend a trade deal.”

The Post said that the president has been experiencing “mounting frustration with a large caravan of migrants from Honduras that has been making its way toward the United States.” He said he may take military action to stop immigrants from crossing the southern border into the U.S. if Mexico does not take action to stop the “onslaught.” read more