Trump’s Middle Class Tax Cut Is A Symbolic Vote Fraud

The 10% middle-class tax cut that Trump is touting isn’t real, and the White House only wants Republicans to pass a symbolic promise to cut middle-class taxes later.

The Washington Post reported:

Advisers have discussed the idea of having Congress vote on a symbolic “resolution” for a future 10 percent tax cut for the middle class, people familiar with discussions said, part of their scramble to meet Trump’s demand for rapid action to blunt Democrats’ economic messaging ahead of the midterm elections. read more

Republicans Get Dirtier As Democrat Is Left Off Arkansas Ballot In Vital Race

Garland County, Arkansas closed early voting after it was found that the Democratic candidate for Secretary of State was left off of the ballot.

The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette reported:
An official with the Garland County Election Commission said three of the county’s four early voting sites were closed at times Monday because ballots did not include Susan Inman, the Democrat running for secretary of state. The sites have since re-opened. read more