PA Attorney General Says DeJoy Acted Illegally To Slow Down Mail

Josh Shapiro says DeJoy illegally slowed down the mail

Pennsylvania AG Josh Shapiro has reviewed the documents and found that Louis DeJoy acted illegally to slow down the mail.

Shapiro said on MSNBC:

We’re trying to move it along as quickly as possible in order to give the public confidence in the system that the president and his handpicked crony of a postmaster general Louis DeJoy have sought to undermine. We were able to go through the documents of the Postal Service, they have confirmed what we already know, Louis DeJoy and the leadership at the United States Postal Service made concrete and illegal changes back in July that had the effect of slowing down the mail and while I know he testified, Ayman, before congress and said, he wouldn’t make any other changes going forward, the reality is the damage is already done. read more


Biden Endorsed by Group of Nobel Prize-Winning Economists

Joe Biden speaks in Philadephia

A group of 13 Nobel Prize-winning economists has announced their endorsement of Democrat Joe Biden in November’s general election.

The economists announced their endorsement in a letter released by the Biden campaign. The signatories are the economists George Akerlof, Peter Diamond, Oliver Hart, Eric Maskin, Daniel McFadden, Roger Myerson, William Nordhaus, Edmund Phelps, Paul Romer, Robert Solow, Michael Spence, Joseph Stiglitz, and Richard Thaler.  read more