It Is No Longer Safe For Mentally Gone Trump To Go On Fox As He Humiliates Himself On Debt

Not even Sean Hannity could hide the signs that Trump is mentally not all there as the President didn't know what the national debt is, and thinks the stock market is an asset to pay off the debt.

Jeff Sessions Uses Radio Interview To Interfere In The Russia Investigation

Attorney General Jeff Sessions supposedly recused himself, but that didn't stop him from using a radio interview to interfere in the Russia investigation.

Fox News Thinks They Have Their Rachel Maddow Show Killer In Sean Hannity But They’re Wrong

Fox News is getting desperate in their effort to halt Rachel Maddow's ratings winning streak, which is why they are moving Sean Hannity to 9 PM.

Trump Flips Out And Uses Fake News From Fox To Call For Criminal Investigation Into Clinton

Donald Trump had a freak out this morning after watching Sean Hannity on TiVo and used the Fox News program as his basis for demanding a criminal investigation into Hillary Clinton.

Donald Trump Jr.’s Sean Hannity Interview Was A Complete And Total Disaster For Trump

Donald Trump Jr. sat down with his good friend Sean Hannity and flat out contradicted his own emails with a series of lies that were a total disaster, but you can be sure made President Trump feel better as he sat in jammies and watched from the White House.

Liberals Cause Sean Hannity To Cave And Back Off Seth Rich Conspiracy Theory

Liberal pressure wins again as Fox News host Sean Hannity announced on his show that he would back off talking about the Seth Rich conspiracy theory.

Sean Hannity Is Losing It As He Calls Fox News Part Of The Liberal Media

After Fox News had retracted their Seth Rich conspiracy theory story, Sean Hannity went on a rant on his radio that culminated with Hannity appearing to accuse Fox News of being part of the liberal media.

Sean Hannity Is Freaking Out And Claiming “Liberal Fascists” Are Trying To Get Him Fired

After Fox News had retracted a Seth Rich conspiracy theory story on their website, while the Rich family begs Hannity to stop spreading a baseless conspiracy theory to protect Trump, Sean Hannity freaked out on Twitter and claimed "liberal fascists" are trying to get him fired.

Trump Buddy Sean Hannity May Be Gone From Fox News By Friday

It is being reported that after the firing of Fox News co-President Bill Shine, Sean Hannity is looking to leave Fox and it is being speculated that he could be gone by Friday.

Sean Hannity Could Be History After Fox News Fires Network Co-President Bill Shine

Another brick in the Fox News wall of scandal came tumbling down on Monday, as network co-president Bill Shine was fired. Shine was Roger Ailes's right-hand man and Sean Hannity's former producer.

Trump Pal Sean Hannity Accused Of Sexual Harassment As Fox News Scandal Grows

A former Fox News contributor has accused Sean Hannity of sexual harassment after he invited her back to his hotel room and then never booked her for his show again after she declined.

Sean Hannity Asks WikiLeaks to Help Blame Russian Hacking on the CIA

"In which Sean Hannity looks for a way to blame Americans for an attack on America that was carried out by Russia. "

Sean Hannity Wigs Out Over Morning Joe Criticism of Stephen Miller

"Steve Miller works 18 hour days serving the country and the @POTUS What do you do? Basically talk to yourself & @morningmika Nobody watches!"

Mark Cuban Hilariously Trolls Sean Hannity’s Airport Protest Conspiracy Theories

"It's me Sean. I had the TriLateral commission pitch in, then i went to the Illuminati. They were really cheap, so Stewie covered the rest"

Deranged Trump Claims Real Problem Not Russian Hacking But Giving Debate Q to Hillary

"Why have they [the DNC] not responded to the terrible things they did and said (like giving the questions to the debate to H)"

Sean Hannity Spreads Fake News Story To Millions As Republicans Remain Brainwashed

Republicans are so far removed from reality that Sean Hannity spread a fake news story on his radio show, and nobody noticed the difference.

Trump Calls For Racist ‘Stop-and-Frisk’ Policing To Be Implemented Nationally

Donald Trump foundation

There is one candidate who acknowledges the reality of systemic racism and another who wants to worsen it.

More Bad News For Trump As Fox Bans Sean Hannity From Doing More Trump Ads

Sean Hannity appeared in a Trump promotional ad, and now Fox News has banned him from promoting Trump unless they are paying him to do it

Sean Hannity Calls CNN’s Brian Stelter an ‘Idiot Pipsqueak’ For Checking Facts

"Fire that idiot pipsqueak Brian Stelter, who said anybody that raised a question about Hillary's health was a conspiratorial thinker"

The End Is Near For Fox News As Network Faces A Bloodbath If Trump Loses

Hillary Clinton freezes out Fox News Sunday

The end is near for the current era of Fox News. The network could be facing what is being reported as a bloodbath and outside competition from Donald Trump if the Republican nominee loses the election in November.