Obama Does Trump’s Job With Video Promoting ACA Sign Up

Obama ACA video

While Trump is trying to destroy the healthcare system, former President Obama has released a video helping to promote ACA sign up.

‘Beto O’Rourke Should Run For President’: Chris Matthews Says The Texas Dem Could Defeat Trump

The skyrocketing popularity of Beto O'Rourke shows that Democratic voters – and Americans – crave a candidate who embraces the politics of hope.

Obama’s Stock Market Is Now Doing Better Than Trump’s

One of Trump favorite talking points has shriveled up and died, as the stock market in the second year of Obama's first term is now better than Trump's.

Trump Attacks Michelle Obama After She Calls His Racist Birtherism Unforgivable

Former first lady Michelle Obama said that she could never forgive Trump for his birtherism. The president responded with a series of lies about both Obamas.

Obama Triggers A Meltdown As Trump Mentions Crowd Size 3 Times In 46 Seconds

The big crowds coming out for Barack Obama are in Trump’s head, as the mentally teetering president mentioned crowd size three times in less than a minute while talking to reporters.

Trump said, “I’m now leaving for Georgia. I’ll be doing a rally. We have a tremendous number of people as you probably know standing outside trying to get in. It’s for Brian Kemp. We’re then going to Tennessee where we have a tremendous crowd. We’re having a lot of crowds. I don’t know what that means, but I guess we always have a lot of crowds. In Tennessee, it’s Marsha Blackburn. She’s doing well. She’s a great candidate. She’ll be a great senator from Tennessee. That will be the second stop. We’ll have a busy day. Tremendous crowds.” read more

Trump Tantrums After Obama Draws Crowd Four Times Bigger Than His

Trump fumed at a rally after thousands of people waited in line and showed up to see former President Obama in Florida.

Thousands Show Up For Obama In Florida As People Walk Out On Trump

Two days after people walked out on Trump while he was still talking, Obama came to Florida and drew a crowd of 4,000 who waited for hours to hear him speak.

Obama Storms Wisconsin And Totally Owns Trump

Former President Obama campaigned for Democratic candidates in Wisconsin and he didn't hold anything back while slamming Trump and the GOP.

Democrats Deploy Obama To Neuter Trump In Midterm

Democrats are using Barack Obama to neuter Trump's events with rallies of his own in the same midterm swing states that Trump is visiting.

Obama Warns Trump, ‘We Are Going To Fight.’

Former President Obama had a message for Trump, the Republican Party, and his fellow Democrats. Obama warned the GOP, "We are going to fight."

Nicolle Wallace Terrifies Republicans By Explaining What Obama’s Return Means For The GOP

Nicolle Wallace explained that Republicans should be afraid because Obama's return will wake up his coalition of Democratic and Independent voters.

Obama Obliterates Trump While Calling On America To Stand Up To The Bully

Former President Obama called on the American people to stand up to the bullying of Donald Trump and restore honor and decency back to our government.

Obama Mobilizes America’s Better Angels And Delivers A Crushing Message To Trump

In his first speech of the 2018 midterm campaign, former president Barack Obama delivered a speech in Illinois that both appealed to America's better angels and crushed Trump as nothing more than a privileged opportunist who is exploiting American divisions and fears.

Obama Shows The Presidential Leadership America Needs In Uplifting Eulogy At McCain’s Funeral

Once again, Barack Obama rose to the occasion to deliver a message of hope that America has desperately needed in the Trump era.

Barack Obama Pays A Heartfelt And Moving Tribute To The Late John McCain

Former President Barack Obama summed up what made the late John McCain an all-time American hero in a moving tribute after the Senator from Arizona passed away on Saturday.

Barack and Michelle Obama Put Trump To Shame With Beautiful Tribute To Aretha Franklin

As Trump was classlessly remembering Aretha Franklin as a former employee, Barack and Michelle Obama released a beautiful statement reflecting on the impact that the Queen of Soul had on our world.

Joe Biden Gives America A Much Needed Smile With Obama Birthday Selfie

Former Vice President Joe Biden celebrated former President Barack Obama's birthday on Saturday by giving the world a much-needed smile.

Obama Returns And Drops A Blue Wave Endorsement Bomb On Reeling Republicans

Former President Obama has officially announced his first wave of 81 endorsements of state, local, and down-ballot Democrats ahead of the midterm election.

Trump Claims That Obama Is The Mastermind Behind His Russia Treason

obama expression

Trump is trying to blame Obama for inventing the Russia scandal, and not telling him about it because he thought that Hillary Clinton would win.